Welcome to TwoYay, your two-way marketplace for creative collaborations. Our platform offers a direct connection to hundreds of advertisers and tools to help you market your skills for new opportunities.

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Build A Creator Profile

As a creator on TwoYay, you'll have a custom public profile tailored to your content. (Check out this example profile.) Signed-in advertisers can view your profile and send you proposal requests, and you can share your profile with others to show what you have to offer.

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Set Your Rates

You choose what you offer, and you set the price. Not interested in creating a specific post type? No problem. Our platform makes it easy for you to mark the exact content you want to make for advertisers.

With TwoYay, advertisers can view your rates before they get in contact with you. This way, you can cut down on the back-and-forth negotiating and spend more time creating.

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Receive Proposals

Once your profile is good-to-go, Advertisers can start reaching out. You'll have your very own TwoYay Proposal Inbox to manage all incoming requests and to guide you through the deliverable process.

We'll also send you emails for any new activity on your proposals- so, you never have to worry about missing requests from advertisers.

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Get Paid Instantly

TwoYay has partnered with Stripe to offer secure ways for you to get paid quickly.

Get paid directly to your bank account with no additional fees.

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