Looking for creative talent to help promote your brand? TwoYay is your official two-way marketplace for creative collaborations. With thousands of creator profiles on our platform and extensive filters, TwoYay has a creator for all of your campaign needs.

Getting Started

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A solid organization is the foundation for a successful campaign. Invite your teammates to TwoYay so multiple people can manage proposals, search for prospects, keep track of campaign results and communicate with creators- all behind 1 voice of your brand.

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Seamless Payments

We've partnered with Stripe to offer a secure method for you to pay creators directly through TwoYay.

To protect both you and the creator, you'll only be charged if a proposal is accepted. Once a creator completes your proposal, you'll get the chance to approve final content and initiate their payment... we'll handle the rest. Gone are the days of slow and complicated payroll processes.


Explore Creators

Once you're all set up, you'll have access to hundreds of different creator profiles featuring valuable social insights accross multiple platforms- all in one place. You can shop around, add prospects to your campaigns, and use TwoYay's extensive filters to find the perfect creator to collaborate with.

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Send Proposals

When you're ready to reach out to a creator, we'll guide you through the proposal process.

Creators will have the chance to review your proposal before accepting, and you can visit your Proposal Inbox to chat with the creator directly, make revisions to your initial proposal, and approve final deliverables.

We'll also send you emails whenever there's new activity in your Inbox - so you don't have to worry about missing communication with creators.

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Content Approval

After a creator has completed your proposal, they'll return to the inbox to upload proof of their final deliverables. You'll get the chance to review the content, get direct links to posts, and ask questions via the chat. If it all looks good, you can approve the content and complete the proposal so the creator can get paid.

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