Do you represent multiple advertiser and creator accounts? TwoYay's flexible platform allows you to manage advertiser and creator profiles across multiple organizations.

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Manage Profiles

Working with multiple clients? Create a TwoYay account and seamlessly switch between organizations and their advertiser and creator profiles- all without leaving the platform.

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Team Access

TwoYay's flexible permissions allow you to assign specific access to users. As an organization owner, you can invite your teammates and decide which creator and advertiser profiles they have access to. This way, your whole team can manage creative campaigns, view conversations, and find creative opportunities through the platform.

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Streamlined Comms

With TwoYay's Proposal Inbox, you can ditch the back-and-forth email threads and keep track of conversations, proposal updates, and completed deliverables.

Users with shared access to an organization's profiles can view the same inbox and communicate with brands or advertisers, all from a single voice. Plus, you'll receive email reminders for any new activity within the profiles you're assigned access to, so you'll never miss an important message.

Customer Service

Need help organizing your profiles or setting up the foundations of your organization? Our customer service team is ready to help you optimize TwoYay to meet your needs.

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