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Braeden Haines

Student Athlete




My name is Braeden Haines, and I’m a rising sophomore on the Mens Track and Field team at Rider University. During my first year I’ve become a two time record holder in the 4x100 and 4x200 meter, received 5 top 10 marks at a D1 institution, and am top 500 in the nation for the indoor 400 meter dash. Concluding my freshman year, I also won the Rookie of the Year award, which I also received back in high school. I’ve found my love and tenacity for this sport by one day finding out that I was the descendent of a Track and Field Olympic athlete that competed for Cuba in the 1950’s. I was shocked, but inspired. I knew from hearing this news back in my freshman year of high school that the Olympics is the place that I want to be and I will stop at nothing until the world knows my name. So far I have come a long way since I’ve first stepped on the track, but that’s all because of the people that have pushed and supported me along my incredible journey thus far. With this, I am hoping to get my name out there more, and when I prove myself in the coming years to be one of the country’s best athletes, there will be nothing that stands in my way.

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Braeden Haines


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